Change your old smartphone to a 360 degree security camera

'People Power' changes your old smartphone to a 360-degree security  camera

360 degree security camera
credits to People Power
people power is pronouncing today a security protection camera robot, dubbed by Presence 360, that uses your old unused smartphones and change it to a 360-degrees  surveillance camera.

The Palo Alto, Calif.-based agency desires to make use of your spare iOS or Android smartphones to expose blinds spots in domestic protection and care programs. It places your antique phone in a protection digicam robotic that rotates 360 degrees in order that it can spot objects in what might otherwise be blind spots.

people power is a offerings enterprise that provides apps, cloud, and mobile services for the internet of things (IoT). Presence 360 integrates with people power’s has developed an app that work with Android and IOS which has already been used to send more than 80 Presence video alerts.
360 degree security camera

You can download the Presence app on an unused
Android or iOS smartphone  and stick your smartphone in Presence 360’s adjustable arm and that's it. The robot swivels back and forth, and it sends movement-detection signals while you are far from home.

360 degree security camera

The benefit of this new 360°security camera is that it make your old slow smartphone useful again and it's cheaper than t a traditional security camera that permit you only to see a single static view, which leaves customers unaware of whatever outside of the camera’s visual range. Presence 360’s full pan-and-tilt and 360-diploma rotation permits users to look all around.

360 degree security camera

customers can personalize how long the  camera stays aimed toward every vantage point, create programed tasks... . Presence 360 cycles via those vantage points automatically to detect for intruders by recording a video the moment a movement is detected.

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